Optrix is a software and technology company based on Shellharbour, NSW, Australia.

We develop ARDI, a platform that allows you to leverage modern technology – including gaming technology, AI, portable computing, and mixed reality – in industrial and commercial applications, to help deliver value to businesses

Our key corporate philosophies are:

  • Data should be open and not hidden within locked ecosystems.
  • Our solutions should be adaptable to change and dynamic.
  • Information has no value until someone can actually understand it.
  • High quality open-source systems should be embraced.

We exist to help customers turn the data they’re gathering into value – not just for the managers at the top of an organisation, but also for the people in the field who do the day-to-day work.

Our customers and our platform work across a range of industries, including heavy industries such as mining and steelmaking.

If you’d like to know more about us, please feel free to get in touch.