Bring Reports to Life

Although there’s still a place for traditional reporting, the people working on-site often need their information to be fresh.

For this, ARDI offers several solutions – Grafana-powered dashboards, and both our Data Explorer and Infographic ARDI addons to create animated, interactive reports and live displays.


Familiar, easy to use and deploy

Data Explorer

Dynamic, easy to create new dashboards


Complex to make, but extremely flexible

Grafana Dashboards

Grafana is an open source web-based dashboarding system, allowing you to create attractive and interactive displays for your data.

ARDI includes plugins for Grafana, allowing you to quite easily add ARDI data, events and alerts to your dashboards, using human-readable terms. This makes it easy for data analysts to create reports when they are needed, as they don’t need to know where the data is coming from or what its unique code might be.


The infographics engine allows you to create web-based visualisations of your ARDI data.

While Grafana allows you to combine a few pre-made display options to build a dashboard, the Infographics engine is instead more complex but much more flexible.

This allows you to create a wide variety of reports – this gallery is just a small sample – and gives you the freedom to build your own solutions and complex processing logic. You can also show live data.

image description

Data Explorer

Both the Grafana and Infographics addon provide users with pre-made displays, the same way HMI systems usually do. ARDIs Data Explorer is different – it dynamically creates your displays based on your ARDI configuration.

You can also zoom in, zoom out, compare and analyse all of your data points by simply clicking on the elements of your charts and displays.

This gives engineers, operators and other staff the ability to investigate and deep-dive into issues without needing other people to create new visualisations. The user navigates to their own view that meets their needs.

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