What Are 3D Environments?

ARDIs Virtual Environment client allows you to view your systems in three dimensions – showing a simplified view of your equipment that you can explore from any angle.

But your 3D view isn’t just skin deep. You can look through the surface of your assets to see the properties inside, such as temperatures, pressures, spare stock level and failure rates.

You can view hundreds and even thousands of points of data at a time, and absorb them all easily because they are presented in a way that is easily understood.

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image description

User Freedom

Unlike dashboards and HMIs, the 3D environment gives the user freedom – they can choose exactly what, where and when they want to look at your systems

What, because the user can choose the specific property they are interested in, such as electrical current, network traffic or machine condition, and easily switch between them.

Where, because the user can choose if they are focused on just one piece of equipment, a single section, or the entire system all at once, depending on their needs.

When, because the user can control exactly where they are in time. Normally ARDI-VE gives you live values, but you can go back in time to any recorded point, and even playback events in super-speed or slow-motion.

Comparison and Review

The 3D environment also makes it easy to compare your properties, such as checking values against their targets or setpoints.

These comparisons are extremely easy to read – red objects are higher than their target, blue are lower, and white are sitting at the target value.

You can not only compare properties, but you can compare times, showing today against yesterday, or incident against incident.

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image description

Exceptional Communication

The 3D environment creates a single view of your systems that combines the information from all of your stakeholders.

It creates a place where people can discuss and review issues, incidents and plans and communicate effectively, even to those with radically different levels of experience and expertise.

There are a wide variety of other features to help specific markets and uses – such as the Scripting System allows you to create training presentations, or the Relationship Walker allows you to understand the connections between your assets in 3D – all of which are designed to help your people understand your process better, and communicate more effectively.

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