Analytic Platform

Having all of your data in one place opens up new opportunities for analytics.

You can combine the figures from your sensors with the details from your scheduling system to create per-batch summaries, calculate totals per shift, or flag specific patterns of activity.

We offer tools to help you get complex analytics working quickly.

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Trigger is used to trigger events and analytics based on sensor events.

These are most often used for performing batch, order or job analytics when a system moves on to the next task, but can also be used to create event logs, event counters, or analysis based on human resources, such as shift, crew and controller.

Trigger provides a re-usable framework, making it as simple as possible to create custom responses to site activity. It can even take care of back-filling when time is lost (for example, when a server is restarted), so it doesn’t miss any events.


ARDI ModelHost allows you to take your offline models and turn them into online models.

The system allows you to define a number of different mathematical models for different parts of your system.

In then runs those models using live data, using features like Goal Seeking to perform ‘what if’ calculations, such as finding the ideal setpoints for your system, find when you’re exceeding your limitations or when you’re under-performing.


Agency is used to deploy any rules, calculations or AIs across your process.

Each ‘agent’ performs problem detection or calculation – Agency takes care of the work involved in connecting those agents to your ARDI data.

If you’ve created a rule or AI, you can attach them to any assets you like – by name, by type, or based on how they’re connected. You can then leave them alone – these agents are automatically added or removed as you make changes to your system, without any extra maintenance.

Modular Outputs

Once you’ve built these analytics, what do you do with them?

The ARDI Modular Output System is integrated in several tools, and allows you to send the values you generate and the events you detect to a variety of different locations.

You can easily record values in databases, key-value stores, message brokers, web-endpoints or time-series databases like Prometheus. You can write values back to your control system, or pass them right back to ARDI so it’s available through ARDIs visualisations, dashboards and reports.

Events can be sent to logs, databases, notification systems such as email, SMS, voice calls, PA announcements, or can be used to trigger PowerAutomate tasks, such as creating Teams notifications.

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