Giving Access To The Field

ARDI isn’t just about getting data to managers. The people who need up-to-date information most are those who also have the most hazardous job – the people in the field.

Particularly if you’re new to a location, the information you need is scattered and often time-consuming to access.

ARDI has a number of ways for people to get access to critical information when they need it, on a device they already have in their pocket.

Lowering Barriers

They key is ease of use. Not only making the information easy to read, but making it easy to access. If you want people to make decisions with the best possible data, you need to provide it in the easiest and clearest way possible.

ARDI provides all of the details an asset through one action – a simple look (when using Augmented Reality, barcodes, or QR codes), or a quick tap (when using NFC tags*)

If you’ve already got unique markers for your hardware, ARDI can adapt to them, or you can use AR markers to help your people easy identify assets from a distance. You can provide dedicated devices, or ARDI can run just as well on peoples personal mobile phones, with only a browser needed.

* NFC scanning currently only available on Android devices

The Information We Provide

ARDI combines many of your knowledge management systems, including your live and time-series data.

This means that when you look at an asset, you see all of the relevant information about it, including live status, history, manuals, procedures, check sheets and videos.

Plus, they can access other information such as dynamic images, interactive photographs, maps, dashboards and check sheets to give them everything they need.

image description
image description


Delivering critical information easily makes your staff more efficient and significantly more independent.

In particular, it has a huge effect on those unfamiliar with your locations. Through ARDI, people operating in new locations can be effective significantly faster.

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