When Maps Aren’t Enough

Even if a site has great maps, there’s a world of difference between a paper map and dealing with the site in real life.

But what if you could arrive on-site already knowing where everything is, what it looks like, and how to get there.

ARDI-360 is our ‘interactive photographic’ client – it’s Street View* for your plant, where you can plan jobs and prepare your people from the safety of their chairs.

* Street View is a trademark of Google, who are not affiliated with the creators of ARDI.

Be There Without Being There

People can use the system to explore and understand the site before they ever arrive, identifying possible safety hazards and learning where to find key equipment.

It can be used to locate and identify the small items that are often ignored on maps, such as the isolators people need to locate before you can work on machinery safely.

The photographs are interactive. Simply touch an asset to identify it and access all of the available information in ARDI.


You can use ARDIs relationships to find connected equipment.

If someone needs to find where an asset gets its water or its air, all you need to do is touch it, and people will be shown the route they need to take to get there.

It will even follow ladders and stairs, so if anyone asks to see the drive for a motor, it will take them up the three flights to the motor control room, and show them exactly which cabinet the equipment is in.

image description
image description


Location – where a particular asset can be found – is one of the worst documented things about most facilities. And even when good records are kept, it’s hard to translate maps or coordinates into the real world environment.

ARDI-360 allows people to be far more independent, confident and efficient in unfamiliar sites by helping with identification and navigation.

And since you can build your 360 environment using off-the-shelf cameras, you can easily maintain and update your locations as your system evolves over time.

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