Operational insight

Asset Relationship and Data integrator


What is ARDI?

ARDI stands for “Asset Relationship and Data Integrator”, a collection of advanced software applications that consolidate data from industrial project assets to extract powerful operational insights for businesses in the energy, utilities, steelmaking, mining and metals sectors.











Businesses that use ARDI unlock the complete value potential of their industrial data, allowing people to…

  • Work with greater safety and compliance,
  • Understand more about the current state of your plant and systems,
  • Make better-informed decisions,
  • Understand and review past events, and
  • Communicate more effectively throughout the organisation.

ARDI works in three key stages







1. Consolidation

ARDI begins by consolidating all your data from each of your individual knowledge management systems.

Consolidation can occur from a variety of systems including;

  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • SCADA and Historian Systems
  • Alert Systems
  • Production Systems including scheduling, recipe management and operational models
  • Document Management Systems
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Human Resource System

ARDI doesn’t duplicate your data, it just makes it available in one place. This produces an up-to-date, ‘full picture’ of the asset to whoever and whatever needs that information. This includes live values, history, fixed details, documentation and more.

2. Distribution

After you’ve consolidated your information, we arrive at the next big challenge: how do we get the people in your organisation to use it?

As a rule, people do like to make safe, informed decisions – but there are just too many barriers and inconveniences between people and their information.

ARDIs client tools break down those barriers by providing solutions targeted at specific areas of your business.

For the Organisation

ARDI allows users to get information about assets and systems quickly and easily, even if they have little-to-no understanding of the plant itself. Using intuitive tools, interactive diagrams and simple searches, you can rapidly find what you’re looking for and get up-to-date information on it.

For the Plant

Augmented Reality is all about convenience and understanding for field personnel. AR allows us to provide information directly into the hands of staff when and where they need it. We deliver critical information about an asset directly to staff through the most effortless mechanism possible – by simply lifting your phone and looking at it. No touching, no typing – all of the consolidated information about the asset is literally at their fingertips.

For Operators

Operations staff need to understand more than averages and totals for the period. They value having higher resolution data showing what has happened, is happening, and may happen in the future, all in an integrated environment. Virtual (3D) environments are an extremely powerful way of both conveying and truly understanding your data, which makes up the third pillar of ARDI – visualisation.

For other Systems

ARDI provides the tools to develop new applications and support other systems. It features an open driver framework and a flexible API so you can access any of the available information. Our addin system even allows you to add code directly to the ARDI server, adding new functions and extending existing ones to customise it to your needs.


3. Visualisation

Big Data might be a newer buzzword, but the process industry has been dealing with the concept for many years. The major challenge of big data (outside the its infrastructure requirements) is how we actually understand and interpret all of this information. Providing a powerful visualisation to do this is the last of the major three fundamental pillars of ARDI.

ARDI-VE, our 3D/VR client, is our solution to some of the tougher big-data challenges, and gaps in the existing model of how we look at process-industry data. Placing your values inside a 3D environment gives the user total control over their own perspective. They can view important values site-wide, limit their view to just a single asset, or explore the plant at any scale in-between.

Traditional 2D displays still just as important as ever, but with the volume of data that is coming from the field now, some of the shortcomings are becoming apparent.

Web Portal

ARDI Web Portal

The ARDI web portal allows you to access dashboards, diagrams, documentation, charts, maps and other asset data from any modern browser.

This means if you have a suitable connection to your network, your ARDI data is available everywhere, on a wide variety of platforms and hardware.

From a small-screen smartphone to a 4K projector, almost all of the ARDI web portal will scale up to suit your device and your needs.

In fact, you can even administer almost all of your ARDI system from a tablet or smartphone.

In ARDI, everything is an asset

What is an Asset?

Traditionally, industrial information management systems consider an “asset” to be a fixed piece of hardware – a particular item that you can touch or hold in your hand.

ARDI is more flexible.

In fact, in ARDI, anything and everthing can be an asset.

This not only means your pumps, valves, sensors and equipment, but departments, areas and even your human resources can be assets in ARDI.

If you value it enough to talk about it or keep data on it, you can include it in ARDI.

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