Utilise Remote Resources

The Issue

The people you need to operate, maintain and improve your process aren’t always on-site and available.

The ARDI Solution

With ARDI, you can bring people virtually on-site from wherever they are.

They can clearly understand what is happening now, what’s been happening in the past.

They can provide meaningful assistance to local staff, even in locations they’ve never been to, or processes they are unfamiliar with.

They can explore the site both in a physical sense by walking around the ‘street view’ of your plant, and in a logical one by being able to explore the connections between your equipment. They can see the present, the past and use that information to review performance and identify issues.

Staff can be on-site from anywhere in the world

Fill Your Knowledge Gaps

The Issue

People often have gaps in their knowledge of your process or your site. A lack of knowledge can result in poor quality, non-compliance, inefficiency, additional costs and greater risks.

The ARDI Solution

ARDI uses intuitive tools like Augmented Reality, Interactive Photography, 3D visualisation and dashboards to quickly and easily deliver understanding to a variety of stakeholders, when and where they need it.

This makes people more familiar, independent, efficient and effective much sooner, and helps fill in knowledge gaps so that people can assess and react with a higher level of expertise.

Information easily learned means efficiency

Boost Process Performance

The Issue

There’s always opportunity to improve your process, but it can be difficult to identify where these improvements could be made.

The ARDI Solution

Using its consolidated information, ARDI delivers a clear understanding of where deviations and fluctuations have occurred, and when systems aren’t running as expected.

This access to live and historical data allows organisations to identify and prioritise their opportunities to improve performance.

Using the power of AI, you can detect – and in some cases predict – issues, so you can help avoid them or minimise their impact. It provides an extra set of eyes watching over your process and alerting you to potential issues.

Improve your system capacity and uptime

Lower Operational Costs

The Issue

Field tasks such as fault-finding and maintenance are often inefficient. In a lot cases, this is caused by a lack of information, or poor access to it, making your resources much less independent.

The ARDI Solution

ARDI delivers the most up-to-date information to people, where and when they need it. They can use their smart device to directly access information such as manuals, get maintenance information, see live and historical values and complete checksheets.

In the field, people are quickly prepared to perform the job, much more independent and have the tools to find faults – all in their pocket. They can even help remotely.

Lower operational costs

Improve Communication

The Issue

An organisation needs people with a variety of skills, and each of these people will have a different perspective on your process. Because they are working from different and sometimes inconsistent and incomplete information, communication can be difficult.

The ARDI Solution

Providing information that is open, consistent and easy-to-access can radically improve how your people communicate about your process and how they engage with one-another.

Understanding and insight are much easier to achieve when everyone can share their information and be confident of its source. With ARDI, you can literally share your perspective on a problem and communicate complex issues visually with those who don’t have deep technical knowledge.

Better communication means better overall awareness and understanding

And this is just the beginning. Easy access to data – for both your people and your IT – can help you do all kinds of things, including…

  • Providing a path for IT/OT integration
  • Allowing other/custom software to interact with your data
  • Improving and demonstrating compliance to procedures and regulation
  • Improving safety
  • Verifying the integrity of your systems
  • Providing visual training
  • And much more

ARDI provides a platform that helps unlock the potential of your information. If you’ve got a problem that needs a data-driven solution, why not get in touch with us?

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