Customise Your Reporting

With a number of distinct systems come a number of distinct reports.

While a lot of these reports do their job, you’ll often come up across limitations – you’d like them to be emailed out with others, you’d like to mix the data from system A with system B, perform analytics, or create new styles of report that your platform doesn’t allow.

ARDIs consolidated data and Python-powered reporting engine allows you to get creative and build the reports that you want, not just the reports you can force out of your systems.

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Distribute Your Reports

ARDI reports can be scheduled to be sent out via email to specific user groups, bundled together into a single file.

Reports can also be generated as-needed for custom time-ranges, which is very useful for review and diagnostics.

They can also be made available inside other products, either as files, images or embedded as self-updating web-pages, allowing you to build a report once and re-use it across other platforms.

Not Just PDFs

ARDIs reporting engine isn’t just limited to PDF files.

You can create any type of file you want to. You can create Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or animated videos. You can even create files intended for import into other systems.


The traditional reporting engine is fantastic when you need…

  • Offline copies of your reports,
  • To perform complex/time-consuming analytics,
  • Consume data from non-ARDI sources,
  • Schedule report transmission,
  • Deliver your reports as PDF or printable files

For other cases, you might want to consider ARDIs interactive reporting engines and dashboards.

Request a Personal Demo

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