Except for ARDI-VE (which is used for our 3D environments), all other ARDI clients work in your browser. This means that the only software required is an up-to-date version of a browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

There are several advantages to the web-focused approach…

Wide Variety of Platforms

Browsers are available for a wide variety of platforms and web-based content can scale across a huge number of different screen-sizes, meaning that a web-powered visualisation can work across mobile, tablet, desktop and projected displays.

Consistent Experiences

Web-based applications perform consistently across different brands and manufacturers – although there can be subtle differences between touch-screen and mouse-and-keyboard controls.

Ease of Updates

When client software needs to be installed, managing updates can be problematic. Not only do you need to keep the software on all of your client devices up-to-date (which may involve several different platforms), but you also need to synchronise that with changes to the server. If you take advantage of new features on the ARDI server that aren’t available on the clients installed software versions, you can get unpredictable behaviour.

Using a web-based approach means you only ever need to update the server – new client versions are instantly deployed to all of your users. You can be comfortable that any new functionality is immediately available to clients across your organisation, without needing to install software or need administrative access to machines.

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