Like all of ARDI, Infographics are read-only. Users can not make any changes to settings or trigger events through ARDI itself.


SCADA systems focus on live data. ARDI infographics aren’t only live – they can access history. Any live report can be taken back to previous points in time and used to play-back events.

Plus, many infographics are don’t use live data at all – they use history to create up-to-date charts, heatmaps, 3D displays and calculate KPIs.


ARDI infographics can leverage ARDIs consolidated data – merging information from multiple systems, including analytic results that are simply not be available in the SCADA system or PLC.


Using our knowledge of structure, ARDI infographics are dynamic, automatically adjusting to changes on-site or differences between sites, which massively reduces the amount of work needed when making changes to a site or deploying a visualisation across multiple sites.


ARDI infographics are entirely web-based, with with no additional software installation required. This makes them easy to deploy across multiple different platforms and removes the need for version control.

Animated & Scalable

Most ARDI Infographics are vector-based rather than bitmap, which means that they can scale to any size – from a small hand-held display to being projected on the side of a wall, the visualisations are always crisp, smooth and can have a number of effects such as smooth transitions of size, position, colour and thickness.

No License Fee (For History)

There is no license cost for historical infographics. As many users as you want can view web-based infographics without any additional fees. Note that there is a license limit to the number of people who can be subscribed to live data at any time, so there may be limits to your live charts. However, the user license fees are quite affordable when compared to the costs of additional SCADA user licenses.

Easy Creation

You do not need a special engineering kit of dedicated tools to create ARDI infographics – they can be written in a plain text editor, using open tools such as Javascript and SVG. Using ARDI structures, you can also automatically create a range of simple displays without any manual effort.

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