Problems and Issues

The problem industry faces with Big Data

Industrial businesses generate huge amounts of valuable operational data, but this is often underutilized due to poor accessibility. This is a waste of your valuable data.

The cause

Vast amounts of data across different knowledge management systems, languages, security methods, date formats, timestamps, scales and ranges makes it impossible to conduct intelligent analysis in a unified or contextual way.

Unusable data is as good as no data at all.

ARDI is an operational insight suite that connects the dots between each of your individual knowledge management systems to consolidate dispersed data into a single, easy to understand platform.

Gain complete access to your data, without needing to replace any of your existing infrastructure.

A single request to ARDI can read information from a dozen different knowledge capture systems and deliver it as if it came from a single database.

Data is visualized through

  • Dashboards
  • Diagrams
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Virtual environments (VE)
  • Interactive 360 Photography
  • Powerful Analytics

Take your data insights to a whole new level.

Strong Operational Insight reduces costs and increases productivity, providing never seen before levels of understanding to local and remote teams, engineers, managers and stakeholders.


    Industrial Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality allows you to bring digital information into your view of the real world. ARDI AR brings augmented reality to business and industry applications.

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    Virtual Environment

    ARDI VE gives you new perspectives on your data by creating a three-dimensional version of your plant so that you can better understand complex, data rich applications

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  • ARDI 360

    Interactive 360 Photography

    ARDI 360 uses panoramic or 360-degree street-view technology to build a virtual tour of your plant complete with live data. Remote users/personnel can plan, fault find and support on site activities.

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  • Designed for:
  • Steelmaking
  • Energy
  • Metal Ore
  • Mining
  • Metals
  • Utilities
  • Minerals

Businesses that use ARDI unlock the complete value potential of their operational data, make better informed decisions and communicate more effectively between all levels of their organisation.

Greater Safety and Compliance

Confirm that critical operational and compliance needs are met. Additionally, identify and understand any processes that are producing saftey mishaps to stakeholders, away from the area of concern, by detailing the location of an event and it's environment.

Better Informed Decisions

Better data, better information and better understanding means better decisions. ARDI consolidates data from all areas of the business so you can make important decisions with confidence.

Better systems & process understanding

A fully integrated system that connects the dots between each asset within your facility produces a complete understanding of every system and process.

Visibility of past events & root causes

Being able to access data from any time in the past and watch it play back in real time allows diagnosis and analysis of events all the way back to their root cause.

Better organisational communication

Access to contextual data means every person within the organisation can see the whole picture at any time.

Reduce reliance on on-site resources

Being able to walk through facilities in 360, 3D, AR and VR provides a complete view that is even more comprehensive than ever.

Give your staff the information they need to make smarter, safer decisions.

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